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The Riva Raduni 2016, majestic protagonist of the French Riviera during the 8th and 9th July, for the 12th edition of Riva trophy 2016 hosted by Lia Riva and Monaco Boat Service Riva exclusive dealer with the prestigious partnership of UBS Monaco, Bentley Monaco, F.P. Journe and Veuve Clicquot.

The iconic Aquariva Spe sal VI, won the 12th edition of the Riva trophy, bringing home the record for the most won competitions.



The emotion of a real competition, sustained through shared interests and passions for the Mediterranean waves, fast racers and implacable craftsmanship: an expression of challenge just like in the old times, race game, rivalry, and fun. Unforgettable experiences, new and old friendships, driven by the passion for the Riva heritage and celebrated at the 12th edition of the Riva Trophy 2016, hosted by Lia Riva and Monaco Boat Service, with the participation of the Yacht Club de Monaco. The renamed Riva Raduni 2016 is back to the historic and legendary route Monaco, Cannes, Saint Tropez.   
Throughout the entire event, each stop will hold contests and exciting encounters, celebrating milestones, winners and teams at each location along the way.

The most awaited sea competition for Riva enthusiasts and lovers will begin on the morning of 8th of July. For this year’s edition, some of the most iconic, classic and new, spectacular Riva models will make their entrance, as protagonists of the race, in pure French Riviera style; from the legendary Aquarama, passing trough the timeless style of the Aquariva Super and its limited edition Gucci, to the aggressive, yet elegant and award winning look of the Rivale ’52 and Rivarama Super, to the Queen of the sea:  Venere Super, Opera Super and Duchessa ‘92, introducing the Maestro of the waves, the Domino’ 88. Approximately twenty timeless beauties on water have been prepared, for around twenty competing crews, battling each other during a hard, yet amusing race. Contests and challenges under the Riva brand experience will be launched. An experience that will be highlighted, through the emotions associated with the most iconic and legendary shipyard brand in the world.

A welcome breakfast followed by a briefing on the up and coming contests and route will anticipate the start of the competition. Each team headed by his captain will be fully prepared, ready to jump barefoot on the respective boats for the first challenge: the regularity race, route Monaco to Cannes, monitored closely by the expert and severe eye of the YCM technical crew.

First stop in Cannes, at Port Pierre Canto, where upon arrival, competing squads will be taking part in the mooring contest, before indulging in a well deserved Aperitivo break at Cannes Boat Service office, followed by a spectacular lunch, “Provençale” style at La Tonelle restaurant at Saint Honorat Island. This Island is very special due to presence of the monks of the Abbaye de Lérins. Time to relax and sun bathe around the crystalline waters of the Les Lerins Islands. Within an unannounced time frame, during another nautical challenge, each captain will be battling in the Knots contest, followed by the Buoy, supervised by the YCM team to raise the level of competition. Another new entry to this year challenges will be the Photographic contest by UBS Monaco private bank, under the theme Riva Emotions.

While the entire event will be animated live by the leading voice of Radio Monte Carlo, Maurizio Di Maggio, the Riva Raduni 2016 will bring on board and up in the air, a TV camera crew organized to capture every moment of the competition from every angle.
Afterwards, the Riva Trophy adventures will continue on the route to St. Tropez, the final destination for the day.  The Riva trophy squad will have the opportunity to enjoy a driving experience by the powerful elegance of the SUV Bentayaga and Mulsanne introduced by Bentley Monaco. This will turn the travel from and to, selected destinations into unforgettable memories.

The successful, eventful day will be celebrated with a classy beach party at “La Plage des Jumeaux” themed after the “60s Hawaiian dream”.  Guests will have the chance to enjoy dinner and live music as well as a special dance performance, all inspired by style characteristics of the 60’s, taking the audience back in time and reminiscing about Hollywood legends and memorable music influencers in a pure Hawaiian settings. These settings will be further highlighted through a Hawaiian Luau type of party with classics from Hawaiian legends like Don Ho and many others.

On Saturday the 9th of July, a leisured morning tour at the St Tropez “Marché Provençale”, accompanied with brunch at the new St. Tropez Boat Service Riva Exclusive Dealer office, by the Port De Saint-Tropez, will surprise the teams and partners with a Quiz by luxury watchmaker F.P.Journe, official partner of the Riva Raduni 2016. The most eccentric of the contest, the Elegance contest, will follow, at the St. Tropez Port bay, under the theme of flowers named “Flower Power in Past, Present, Future”.
The final highlight of the day will take place at the terrace of the Yacht Club de Monaco in front of the iconic Aquarama Lounge entirely dedicated to Carlo Riva. The contestants, as well as partners and their guests, will be greeted at the Award Gala Prize Giving Ceremony.  Riva enthusiasts will celebrate the collected experiences while reminiscing the outstanding craftsmanship and heritage of the Riva. It will be the occasion to admire on screen the new Riva Rivamare, launched in Capri on the 4th of July, as well as the limited edition Fiat 500 Riva, an exclusive collaboration between two iconic brands of the Made in Italy.  Finally, the Riva Trophy 2016 Award Ceremony will be concluded by naming the winner teams and handing out the carefully selected and highly anticipated, one of a kind prizes, reaching from unique holiday break, to ultimate “money can’t buy experiences” and limited edition Riva trophy prizes.

In all its originality and majestic organization, the new edition of the Riva Raduni 2016, continues to be the ideal rendez-vous to admire the most beautiful yachts of the historic Italian shipyard, reaching from the classic designs to the latest models, mesmerizing and reuniting Riva lovers and aficionados with a common and profound passion for craft and heritage. Two full days with the sexiest floating objects in the world, designed to combine beauty and nature “ joie de vivre” and authentic emotions, lived through the eyes of the Riva universe.


The official partners of Riva Trophy 2016 include:
F.P. Journe - Official watch partner, UBS Monaco - Official partner, Veuve Clicquot - Official Drink Partner, Bentley - Official Car Partner, BoConcept - Interior Design Partner, Bellini- Drink Partner, BKR- lifestyle Partner, Gold Energy- Drink Partner, Avrone- Eyewear Partner, Dr.Vranjes- scented decor partner

Award partners include:
Neville Hair and Beauty, Principe di Savoia, Belgraves Hotel, Miramar Beach Hotel and Spa

In collaboration with:
Yacht Club de Monaco and Monacair